I recently started making tutorials for Cineversity which has been great. Please check them out, if you have any feedback or topics that you'd like to see covered please let me know!



In this series we will build a mograph sports intro animatic from start to finish. Using storyboards as our roadmap, we’ll use primitives and some simple modeling to keep the geometry as simple as possible which keeps the Cinema viewports and renders fast. Then we’ll use the mograph module, motion camera rigs and some simple keyframed animation to bring our scenes to life. After that we’ll sweeten the look with r18’s enhanced open gl hardware options and use hardware previews to output our work before switching to Adobe Premiere Pro for final assembly. Once in Premiere, we’ll use some basic tools to knock out a rough cut in just a few minutes and then see how to stack tracks making versioned renders easy to spit out for client review.